User Reviews: Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception PS3 User Review

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Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception User Review

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When it comes to ps3 there are many PS3 exclusives that trump the competion across all platforms purely on diversity and imagination as well as being technically capable, so the question is where do you start reviewing Sony's first party games and studio's. Step forward Naughty Dog with Uncharted 3, the most anticipated SCE first party developed game of 2011. With Uncharted 2 having set the standards winning numerous awards including GOTY on many sites and having received widespread critical acclaim as well as much love from ps3 owners the biggest question is can Naughty Dog repeat this feat with Uncharted 3.

Well the short answer is yes although if you browse many a website you may be inclined to believe otherwise as Uncharted 3 doesn't quite blow you away as the previous game did when people first saw it running on ps3. Personally my response would be don't be fooled by the lack of initial wow factor because it will come with playing through the game.

So lets get into the meat and bones of the games story, set approximately 2yrs after Uncharted 2 our hero Nathan Drake returns with Sully in tow and a rag tag crew to pull off a con to acquire an item from Drakes past to help decode the true meaning of Sir Francis Drakes ring relating to a period of history where Drake seeming took a detour. It's with this initial premise that you begin the game in London and instantaneously thrown into the action to begin a riveting journey that will take you through some jaw dropping locales and keep your riveted to your seat with intense action.

The campaign mode in Uncharted 3 is a joy to play littered with some amazing set pieces that put it head and shoulders above any other action game currently available on any platform even more so than it's predecessor. If I only have one complaint, it is that in relation to previous title the amount of action and intensity can detract from the game-play and story. I must stress though it's only a minor and personal complaint and it won't necessary detract from others playing a game that’s as close to a cinematic film as you can get. The story is extremely well written and the chemistry with the in game characters helps to make the story interesting as it explorers some of Nathan Drakes roots and his relationship with Sully and helps bring a rather satisfying end to I guess what could be called a trilogy. Without spoiling any of the story I must say listen and watch some of the dialogue and cut scenes closely as it does relate to previous games but also helps with asking the gamer some subtle questions that maybe answered if SCE green-light another uncharted game.

Game play wise the controls and handling of guns is as tight and comfortable as ever even though it's been slightly tweaked from the previous game. Having said that if you can't get to grips with the initial controls there’s a plethora of options in the in-game menus to tweak the controls to your personal preference. The cover system remains solid and the AI has seemingly improved upon from previous games. So now if you decide to sit behind a wall during a fire fight with enemies a dynamic number of different things will occur. The enemy may try to flank you, throw grenades, try to destroy your cover or suppress fire while other enemy’s sneak round the back of you. Unlike previous Uncharted games this bring a tactical element to the way you play and brings me to the much improved melee combat system. The melee combat is a joy to use and helps with both stealth aspects and adding another tactical element to the mix. I'd encourage people to use a mixture of melee and gun-play as you'll find yourself laughing at some of the amusing ways to disarm enemy’s which make the combat not only fluid but extremely fun.

In a nutshell the game play and graphics along with the story makes this one of the most complete single-player packages out there bar a few rare instances of screen tearing and being able to see through walls. But these are very rare and aren’t really a problem as your unlike to run into any of these issues. I did also test out one of Uncharted 3's biggest selling points, playing the game in 3D. The results of turning on the stereoscopic 3D in the game is breath taking, it give everything an sense of realism from the amazing cut scenes to the playing the actual game. I actually found my self wanting to explore more of the game world with the 3D turned on it's just a shame that the game is linear in that respect as opposed to having an open world to explore. If another Uncharted game is green lit it certainly wouldn’t help to have more puzzle elements along with more exploration.

So what happens when you beat the amazing single player, well the good news its that there is and extensive multi player mode that has been vastly improved from the previous game. Naughty Dog took a lot of feedback from the community and have implemented it as well as adding a few new tricks. The buddy system is great addition and certainly helps to encourage teamwork in the vast number of multi player modes, another addition is the introduction of power plays. If one team is losing a point play can be triggered which effects everyone on the field of play and helps to even the odds. This is a great addition to Uncharted 3's multi player modes and it ensures that every game will be closely fought out and adds intensity along with a range of other emotions that you wouldn't get from other online games. There is also a dedicated co-op mode which can be played online or offline with split screen. Again another improvement on the previous game is the co-op has it's own dedicated story arc that you can play through and helps to unlock weapons attachments and perks that can also be used in other multi player modes. The great thing about Uncharted 3 online components is that it has something to offer everyone and can be as deep and as full filling as the player wants it to be.

So having covered everything that uncharted 3 has to offer, I hope I have done enough to justify just how good this game really is. Sure its not perfect but it's as close to perfection as you could possibly get, even more so than the previous entry's in the franchise. Uncharted 3 offers a complete package of gaming joy with a breath taking single player campaign and an in-depth multi-player experience that could compete easily with some of the biggest online games out there. Naughty Dog continue to raise the bar even though Uncharted 3 only raises the bar slightly above its predecessor its still makes it the best in class and a complete breath taking unmissable experience for all ps3 owners and the industry in general.

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User review by dante_zero

5/21/2012 8:30:24 AM

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @ 3:38:09 PM

Uh, hope you don't mind I included some imaginary commas while reading as you forgot to include them (mostly) xD

Bit of advice: Post the review again (put like 2.0 or something, and add a disclaimer) and put commas in, as I think this has a good chance of making the poll, but Ben's pretty strict when it comes to fundamental gramtical errors.

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Monday, May 28, 2012 @ 6:35:34 AM

thanks for the feedback. The reviews been sat on my computer for awhile and tbh i forgot to publish it which is why it's on here now. Not too bothered about the review competition just feedback on my style of writing and seeing it it works and resonates with other. Looking to do some more reviews soon, possibly Ghost Recon, Doctor Who and Pixel Junk 4am.
Also congrats on wining the community review.

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Friday, June 01, 2012 @ 3:35:01 PM

Fair enough.

Thanks, I don't feel as though I deserved it, but...ANYWAY I WON! xD

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