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Dark Souls User Review

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Starting off dark souls you will be given the choice to build your character's class and structure. While it may lead you to believe that this will turn into a unique adventure the slight variation in character customization can't pull this game away from what hurts it the most.

A severe lack of combat options. you pretty much are only given two options do you want to be a spell caster or a guy who just rams things head on. I picked the spell caster after hearing about how this particular franchise is notorious for having enemies swarm you from multiple directions and wondering if I could play conservatively picking them off one by one. Unfortunately the spell caster class might as well be labeled as a "goth teen wannabe" because that's what he (or she) feels like.

There's no retical to tell you where your aiming your spells and this isn't made easier by the botched control scheme. If there's one thing that I think most people can agree on it's that the biggest enemy in demon souls isn't standing right in front of your character, it's shaking in the palm of your hand. Trying to switch weapons in real time is extremely difficult and the sensitive d pad doesn't help. If you want to switch from one weapon to another or one item to the next you have make sure you don't tap the controllers d pad to roughly or you might skip past said weapon or item that you were gunning for, and when your being shoehorned by loads of enemies not being able to pause and switch weapons or heal yourself will get you killed in a heartbeat.

As if that weren't bad enough halve the time your most important attack the lunge won't even respond to your command. In order to perform your lunge attack on an enemy you have to simultaneously hold down R2 and up on the left analog stick. but most of the time I just performed a simple jab. This could have been fixed had the lunge had been mapped to one button. I don't see why the developers couldn't have done this seeing as the L3 button doesn't do anything. Whats even more insulting is that the enemies are complete dumb asses. once they see you they follow you around for ten seconds then go back to performing a group wank Evident by the fact that there hands are always held up at crotch level.

I felt insulted knowing that my deaths in this game were caused more from the horrible controls than from any of the enemies that and the horrible physics. Are you telling me that my character is expected to survive waves of Dragons, Giants and zombie rejects, but if I fall from a height of more than ten feet I die instantly. The games biggest crime is pretending to be something it's not. It masks itself as a story driven adventure, but after dieing for ten hours straight in the same place you start to realize that not all the gold, beautiful princess, or handsome princes in the world are worth the hell that you have to go through. This game is a test of ones mental endurance. As long as you shove all unrealistic expectations of accomplishment out the window then you can focus on what really matters gore and tits that's what this game's key focus is. A story driven narrative this is not.

While die hard fans may defend it your average gamer is not going to care a rat's ass about the overall story arc when you can't so much as walk two feet without getting gang raped. the only way to progress in this game is through hours of grinding. On my first playthorugh as a fire sorcerer I tried to see how far I could get without grinding. Sure enough I died well over two hundred times before I got anywhere. As a warrior I tried the exact same thing and got the same result. I'm sure that later on in the game these character classes might of had some significant difference in the gameplay but if there aren't any noticeable differences within the first 20 hours then is it wrong to assume that the character customization is completely unnecessary and only adds fake depth to what is otherwise a bland game.

I put in over 40 hours into dark souls the first ten was standing at one save point killing off the same enemies for what felt like an eternity and only then was I sure enough that I would have a fighting chance against what was to come. Also this is just a nitpick but what is it with the fashion sense of the spellcaster class. Remember in my second paragraph I stated that he's a "Goth teen wannabe" well after a closer Anallise I realized that his robes resembled that of a white supremacist. Only his robes are red instead of white but was there really any reason for this. Take it or leave it dark souls has its moments you get to fight dragons tough monsters and endless waves of unearthly creatures. If your into fantasy games then perhaps you will get a kick out of dark souls. A steel toed boot to the mouth.

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User review by spazzzh20

6/18/2012 5:22:56 PM

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...I'm uncertain if this is serious or not...

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phew, that's good. Sad thing is I know someone who had these same complaints about the game and was completely serious.

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