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Demon Souls User Review

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ah Demon souls, you will never turn off your console in rage with any other game, well except Dark Souls but that game just takes the piss.

A winner of Gamespot and IGN's best game of 2009

Despite its notorious difficulty I love it. Its a 3rd person RPG action set in a fantasy style world.

The graphics are excellent, the design of the worlds are mind blowing, the design of characters are top notch and even on the monsters, also the controls are fairly simple and take almost no time to get used to.

You start off by picking what class of character you are and get to design him/her, the classes are all unique and have different qualities, so you pick them and then your straight in the game, kinda like a training level for you to get used to the controls, all of a sudden you face your first boss.......Who kills you in one hit BUT its OK your meant to get killed, well you can beat him but you end up getting killed by a dragon afterwards so its not that great if you beat him. I can only imagine how many players thought "fuck this!" after the him.

So after this you go to the Nexus which is kinda like the stage select screen where you can level up, repair and buy items and get magic and god powers.... It gets very complicated. So you go to the first level and realize its 10 times harder than the training stage dodging dragons and black knights, oh just to mention THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS you die, you start again, and the enemies respawn and you loose all your souls, unless you find where you previously died and retrieve them, but if you die again before retrieving them, they're gone. Oh and also YOU CAN'T PAUSE THE GAME even when your selecting items its still game playing, I don't know what the point is I can't even go to the fucking toilet its not challenging its just annoying, so you can,t pause unless you go to the Nexus where there's nothing to hurt you. So anyway after going through the first level (about 6 times) you come up to the first boss, which is right next to a door you open that's next to the checkpoint so its not too bad if you die, first time, he will kick your ass despite looking like shit, honestly search Phalanx he looks like shit! You then realize you need fire to beat him which you can pick up from the zombies. I'm going to end the gameplay there but all I can say is it gets a lot more complicated, with 5 worlds and about 3 levels on each the requirements get more extreme.

The story is..... boring, I've completed it many times and still don't have a fucking clue what the story is, there's a bad demon that has lots of demons, so you have to beat those demons to then beat the bad demon, that's it in a nutshell.

The music for the boss fight are brilliant, you can get them on a CD with the limited Black Phantom edition which comes with a soundtrack and a guide of the game, if you look though it's a bit pricey so unless you know you love the game, I'd think about it before rushing to buy it.

The online features a kinda social guide where you can see where other people have died and how and also other people can leave notes for everyone, this can be handy sometimes but other times they can be dicks trying to trick you to jump off a cliff or something. Also there's a way to go to somebody's world and assist them in certain places, or invade as a black phantom and fight them for souls.

Although it sounds like I've slagged off this game a lot,it's only because its easier to list the bad points than the good ones, after you get started off on this game, you can,t stop playing it and you improve every time you complete it...... well unless you do new game+ which basically means it gets harder the better you get at it. But despite its difficulty you won't be able to turn on your PS3 without having another go at defeating that boss that's kicked your ass 49 times AND BELIEVE ME I've completed it well over 6 times and I still get my ass kicked!

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User review by JoeMachin

11/30/2012 8:36:37 AM

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