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SSX User Review

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As a huge fan of the older SSX titles such as Tricky and SSX3. I am pleased to say this title holds its ground and is worthy of the SSX branding.

To start off, I will talk about the World Tour mode as this will be your start to the game. It features, you playing as Team SSX versus Griff as you try to tackle the Deadly Descents.

This mode is garish and the story is lackluster, unsurprising as it is not the prominent mode and you will only start here, the rest of the SSX glory is in Explore.

So, in this mode you tackle nine Deadly Descents ranging from Alaska to Patagonia. There are new quirks to the SSX concoction. These include wing-suits, pulse goggles, thermal protection, armor and head lamps used to tackle the ranging treacherous mountains.
So for example, the Descent may be labelled trees, as you would expect, there are fallen trees dangerously placed causing you to be on edge as you try to reach the bottom before Griff.

This mode will entertain you for 10 - 20 hours depending on the speed you take it at.

Graphics are generally good but up close the models of Elise and Mac seem uninspired and lackluster. The graphics and details of the mountain ranges also varies. Overall, it is nothing to notice but detracts from the games appeal.

A disappointing aspect of this is that there is still no split screen. A rare experience among titles this gen. Thinking back on SSX3, the best moments were with friends, playing to get the highest score and listening to that kick-ass soundtrack. The graphics of this PS3/360 only title leave a lot to be desired, meaning split screen should have been available. (Especially since Far Cry 3 pulled it off on PS3.)

Moving on, the soundtrack of this title is generally good. The songs are not always great but they fit the feel of the game, you can race to them and that same TRICKY song is still there and catchier than ever. There is also an option to play your own music from your PS3. An option I welcomed. Other areas of sound including sound effects such as the reverb when flying high and the menu music are great and add to the stylistic flare of this SSX. DJ Atomica returns with his great presentable voice but unfortunately has a small part in this SSX.

Now, on to the Explore mode. There is 119 events to conquer. The game offers vast amounts of variety here and this mode will keep you entertained for 50+ hours. The tricky events have you soaring, spinning and tricking your way to the bottom as you rack up combos to get a massive score. The race events are action packed and fast paced, the game feels smooth here and the sound helps immerse you in the speed.

There is also a feature called Ridernet. An emulation or sibling to Criterion's Autolog. Seeing as these are both EA titles that is not too far from the truth. This allows you to track your best times, scores and runs against your friends. This provides endless hours of fun as you are challenged and rewarded by the fear of being at the bottom of the table.

Another large area of the game is Global Events, these appear to be the closest thing to online gameplay for SSX. You compete and then your ranked against everyone else who competed, your performance is then put into a bracket. You receive points from these which can be used to buy gear and equipment or mods.

Moving on to the gear area. There are SSX credits, a currency for the games store that allows you freedom to customize your character. You can equip new suits, that only change the colours of the rider's outfit. You can also then buy new boards with different designs and they also perform better over time and cost more. The next is equipment such as wingsuits and armor required for the Survival Deadly Descents events. These carry different qualities and tend to cost a lot. They are necessary for the events.

Thankfully, the core gameplay is perfect as it was in SSX Tricky and SSX3. The controls can be set back to the old school classic set up or the new method using the anolog sticks. Both setups are comfy and easy to learn.
There is a new rewind function using L1 that rewinds the game to allow you to recover from a fall or save you from death. It is an odd feature.

The game has large replay value thanks to the online and Ridernet features. It feels like an SSX game should.

On a personal note, I dislike the Survival Deadly Descents side as it feels out of place. The game was announced as SSX : Deadly Descents at first but fans took offence and the game was altered. This shows in the quality being off. Mainly, I dislike that there are large endless gaps in the mountains that are difficult to avoid and are a nuisance thus creating the need for the rewind feature.

On a closing note, the game is very cheap now and is definitely worth the money whether you are a fan of old SSX or not. The same characters are there and gives a great feeling of nostalgia.

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User review by city96

3/23/2013 8:45:27 PM

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