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xcom User Review

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I have been aware of xcom since it came out, but I was a tad bit too immature for it when I finally got to play it on my AMD k6-2 thanks to pc magazine putting out a disc in one of its issues that featured a number of classics from the pc generation before (its also how I got acquainted with a certain guybrush threepwood). The game was too hard for me and I didn't bother reading the manual. My loss.

ANYWAYS, thanks to ps plus, I have been given a second chance and I have to say I couldn't be happier.

The story is simple, aliens are attacking and you need to kill them with an assortment of guns, grenades and..and stuff...tactically. All the while, you are trying to figure out why such an advanced culture is bothering with bothering you.

The gameplay is turn based, giving all characters a turn to shoot something, or at something, or to find a better position to shoot at something or to keep from getting shot at by something trying to shoot at something. Simple enough right? Right. There are gameplay aspects that allow you to bend the concept a bit to add variety and more suspense to game, but I'll cover only two for the sake of your attention span. "Overwatch" is something that you can select for any of your people in place of attacking for the duration of one turn. If an enemy moves within line of site on its turn, they will get fired at by your team member and possibly hit. This is a little frustrating when what they shoot at is miles away and its with a shotgun. I wish there was some sort of setting for distance, but really I just need to use my pistols more. If anyone happens to hit a vehicle instead of their intended target, that vehicle will smoulder for one turn and then blow up, hitting anyone in its immediate area. One down side is that you cannot target these vehicles. It has to happen on accident. Bit of a missed chance if you ask me. Bottom line, the basics of gameplay are simple, and once you get the hang of it, you'll probably still have some heart wrenching deaths. Those usually occur with the new team members and the ones you are leveling up and which are in between awesome and useless. You will have them run somewhere thinking nothing could be there and then boom, ed 209 is in an office building and you are at the right distance for his auto attack...Two legged bot bastard. I kind of wish there were retirement times for the soldiers for that extra hit of "and he was only one day from retirement".
In between missions you'll have an underground base that everyone hangs out at (like google). You make it bigger by digging deeper (I assume like google). You can put in places to get more scientists and engineers so you can research and build faster and cheaper (like google). You get to build satellites and put them over the world to keep watch over things and you get lots of money for it (especially like google). You get to build spacecraft for shooting down UFO (is there anything google can't do?) And it is all upgradeable. Your weapons, your spacecraft, your google and it is very fun to do in my own opinion.

The graphics are serviceable. Things seem to look like what they are trying to look like and there haven't been any major glitches that I have seen that impact the game, so overall its a solid interface. Something we should all learn to appreciate more. I must admit though, that big two legged robot you eventually run into can fit into some really strange areas.

The controls are fine. For an older style strategy game that originated on PC, you would expect a lot more menu surfing, but good ol Mr. Meier really kept it more or less streamlined for us consol-tards (I assume that's what pc gamers call people such as me).

There's a lot more to the game, but I want you to find out for yourself. I myself have beaten it once, and took my time doing it. I am now playing it again even though Battlefield 3 is finished downloading and is waiting. For all the lack of talking from the soldiers you control, you still find yourself really caring for their wellbeing. There isn't too much said story wise, but I bet you'll still be interested in it and wanting to know more (and yes the questions get answered).
For what it lacks on paper in fast gameplay, exposition, character development, and graphics; you will find that this game still hits the mark very well in all of those categories when it comes to personal experience. Be patient with it, and I am fairly certain you will find yourself inexplicably picking it back up to play it.

I just realized that I haven't tried the multiplayer, but I don't care because I've never been big on it in the first place.

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User review by trumpetmon65

7/11/2013 9:41:58 AM

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