User Reviews: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm PS3 User Review

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm User Review

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Replay Value:



Overall Rating:       9.1



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Not Rated

Number Of Players:

1-2 Players



Well, i thought i would do a review on this game since there isn't a single one in PSXE. Ok, lets start...

Naruto: Ultimate ninja storm is a fighting game of the very popular Anime series, Naruto.

Lets start with graphics(10/10):
There graphics in this game are amazing, specially for a 2008 game. Their extremely smooth and sometimes you feel like your actually in the anime. The animations are perfect in both cutscenes and gameplay. The character models looks like a perfect version of the anime characters but in 3d. The leaf village looks gorgeous. I'm also comparing this to every other naruto game made and it just beats it all.

Let's start of with the battle system, which is down right amazing. The battle system is in full 3d. The speed is intense. Sometimes you feel like your playing in the actual anime. You have a ninjustu which is a powerful technique that uses some of your chakra, some are chargeable(the more you charge it the more powerful it will be) and some start right away. There are specials called Ultimate jutsu's which deal alot of damage to your opponents. The storm gauge is something that increases as you deal damage to your opponents, once its full, your chakra increases automatically and your ultimate jutsu's deal more damage, though the storm guage will turn back to normal once its full after a certain period of time. You also have support characters, 1 or 2 characters of your choice could help you in battle by pressing R1 or L1, you call out your support character to use a ninjutsu or techniques(you choose). They changed transformations a bit, you can now only transform or "Awakenings" when your on your last life bar. Everyone has there own Awakenings. Now about the village in Ultimate mission mode. You get to explore the entire hidden leaf village, Naruto's village, there you accept and take on missions. There are (number) types of missions:
-Tree climbing:
You pretty much are running extremely fast up a giant tree avoiding branches and other obstacles.
-Forest races:
Your jumbing onto branches in a forest avoiding trees. (its much funner then it sounds)
-Hide N Seek:
Find Konohamaru in one of the boxes that are all around the hidden leaf village while asking the villagers for clues.
Fighting against someone...
-Boss battles:
One of the best things about the game, fighting a giant boss while avoiding its attacks and hitting it when the time is right.
You will have to do missions in order to get XP which you will need to advance in the actual story line.

The sound effects are really nice and clear. The game features dubbed english voices but what im extremely thankful for is that you can switch to the original japanese voices, which is something most naruto fans would love. The game has its own sound track meaning it doesn't have any from the original anime series but it still has that naruto feel to it.

What's great is that they kept the same controls from the 2d Naruto ultimate ninja games and made it 3d. The controls are very simple and easy to use, you should be able to pick up on how to play very quickly. One of the best things about Storm is the Chakra dash, moving at a incredible speed to your opponent. I think they put that to prevent shuriken spamming(throwing stars constantly so your opponent can't get near you) which works really great.

Replay Value(6.5/10):
Sadly this point suffers the most. While the Versus Mode and extra missions could keep you going a bit longer. The missions can get a bit repetitive. The Versus mode would definitely be fun with 2 players but playing the computers are too easy, even on insane(highest) difficulty. I personally think they could have added more characters and more Ultimate Jutsus and Ninjutsus as past Ulimate ninja games had a huge variety. They could have also made more mini games and make tree climbing and forest racing 2 players since you do race computers on some missions. Some of the S rank missions are quite fun though, specially the battle ones. The versus mode could also keep you going for a longer while if you have someone to play with.

Finally done, if your still not sure i suggest playing the demo on the psn.

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User review by SnipeySnake

5/20/2010 8:48:49 PM

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Legacy Comment System (3 posts)

Thursday, May 20, 2010 @ 9:48:37 PM

Crap i forgot to add in that they should have put in online in the replay value part... >.<

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Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 3:02:11 AM

damn.... i miss that game... I had it for like a few days after playing the hell out of it with a friend and got bored then swapped it for Dead Space ...
I was hoping to get the 2nd one... but the changed the whole graphics style and it does't look that good anymore...

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ro kurorai
Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 9:54:02 AM

Nice one Snipey.

I also think that a lot of variety was lost in comparison to older UN games.
I have high hopes for the sequel and wanna see way more stuff that expands the replay value.

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