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Crash Team Racing User Review

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The Playstation's beloved Crash Bandicoot and friends once graced us with a fun and lighthearted kart racer that turned out to be a pretty cool game! Of course, at that time we were all a little skeptical of another Mario Kart knock off, but I feel that Crash Team Racing (CTR) was able to incorporate enough originality to make it it's very own title worth separate recognition.

The first aspect to separate this game from other kart racers of it's time is the story mode (called Adventure Mode) associated with it. An evil alien named Nitros Oxide has come to planet earth on a diabolical mission to turn the entire green, gushy planet into a massive parking lot! Of course, only Crash Bandicoot and friends (and enemies) can prevent this from happening by accepting Nitros Oxide's challenge of fighting their way through countless races to finally defeat Mr. Oxide at his own race!

The story mode continues to follow through a series of straight-up fully attended races, 1v1 challenges, time trials, and battle arenas to collect relics and trophies needed to get closer to the sinister Oxide.

Aside from story mode, there is also a time trial mode, multiplayer modes for up to 4 players that includes races and battle arenas, and of course your general straight-up races for trophies.

The graphics in this game are pretty high quality and leagues better than the N64 counterpart. Of course, it was released 2 years later, but the visual quality is very well done in this title. It's colorful, and the environments never need to load as you approach them.

The gameplay is eternally fun, as it is with most kart racers. The weapons are unique and entertaining, and they can be powered up depending on how much wumpa-wumpa fruit you have collected. When 'juiced' (obtained 10 wumpa-wumpa fruits), weapons get an added feature that make it extra powerful and you are faster. As you can imagine, when hit or fallen of the track, you lose fruit. An example of how fun the weapons are, should you get a TNT box on your head, you need to start hopping quickly to get it off your head before it explodes.

When you tie in all the features mentioned earlier in this review, the gameplay is fantastic and the replay value is eternal and challenging. Adventure mode gives you many difficult challenges, and getting a platinum relic on each course is very difficult.

The sound adds value to this game, to be sure. The bad guys are comical, Crash's yelp makes you giggle a bit, and the weapons have sound effects that are both relevant and funny. Music is light-hearted, and the tunes will stay in your head all day. At moments before an important race in story mode, you are even graced with some voice acting.

The control is great. There are ample opportunities for you to go faster without just holding the gas pedal on full. While powersliding with a hop button, you can boost your speed by taking advantage of your power and pressing the opposite hop button for a boost of speed. Similarly, the higher the height you fall from, the bigger the speed boost is when you land. You'll be trying to time your hops off every jump you can find!

Although this game isn't exactly revolutionary, it's another kart racer, and an apparent Crash spin-off, it's a really fun kart racer. It's easy to spend a large number of hours in the single player adventure mode, and there's a few different options for multi-player experiences. If you're looking for a classic game that's fun, light-hearted, comical, and a great little time killer, you won't go wrong with this title. It'll leave you smiling!

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User review by Underdog15

5/27/2010 12:59:35 PM

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