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Red Dead Redemption User Review

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Overall Rating:       9.5



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Not Rated

Number Of Players:

1 (1-16 Online)



The days of the Wild West are beginning to fade like the sun setting. The Industrial Revolution is taking hold in the West, the Government taking over the West as it has the East, and the legendary Cowboys of the Wild West are a dying breed.
You are John Marston, and you are part of that dying breed. In an effort to get rid of John's former outlaw gang, Government Agents have taken his wife and son hostage. Now John has to find his former gang, who he has commited countless crimes with, and either capture them alive... or kill them all.
This is the premise of RDR. Its a 20 hour long epic adventure that takes John all across the Western Fontier, and South of the border towards Mexico, on a mission to save his family. While this may sound familiar, the story itself plays out better than any Western film Ive ever seen. Its a heart pounding story that will keep you hooked until the games shocking ending.

Those 20 hours can be just the story alone however. If you choose, there are several side missions available that can add 10+ hours to your experience. Some of the missions involve hunting cannibals, stopping a marriage, or helping a man build his flying machine by finding raw materials for him to use. They all have stories, and they are just as entertaining as the story missions. You can be a bounty hunter and hunt down criminals, or become a criminal yourself. There is also several minigames to play like blackjack, horseshoes, liars fice, and 5 fingered filette.
Or, you can just spend time with random encounters. You can help a man being chased by wolves, or you can let him die. A more interesting encounter is when a woman calls you over, several bandits pop out and try to kill you. When you rip those fools to shreds, you can loot those bodies, skin their horses(you can hunt and skin all animals in the game), and even shoot the woman on your way out.

The shooting mechanic is spot on. Its quick, accurate, and the aim assist is a great help when taking on several enemies at once. A great new addition is the Dead Eye. It allows you to slow down time, and paint your targets for quick, easy kills. While at first it may frustrate you that the Aim and Shoot buttons are L2 and R2, those frustrations with QUICKLY fade.
The single player in RDR is worth $60 alone, but what of the multiplayer?
Here it is in a nutshell. Imagine the single player campaign, but add 15 other players. The entire single player world is available to explore, and you can fight the cops and become a public enemy, you can attack gang hideouts, you can hunt, race ect. The best experiences come when you and your friends make up your own games like bear fistfighting contests, or just go out on your own and snipe unsuspecting posses from afar and hear their reactions. "BOOZE WTF I HAD A $5000 bounty on my head! EVERYONE GET BOOZE!" That was my cue to run.

The competitive MP is standard stuff. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag ect. They are very entertaining, but the best part of every match is the Shootout. Before each round starts, all the players are lined up facing eachother, and after several seconds of high tension knowing there is low chance of you surviving whats ahead, the screen says DRAW, and everyone opens fire. If you are lucky enough to survive, after you calm yourself down you'll realise you have the best elevated position in the level.
There were some things I left out for you to discover on your own, but be assured that your $60 will be very well spent. Red Dead Redemption isn't just the best Westen game ever made. Its one of the best games period.

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User review by booze925

5/30/2010 12:34:06 PM

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Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 1:05:36 AM

very nice game I give it a 9.8/10.
this game was one of the Few that are worth $60, The next game I see woth the full price might be Maffia II. I would of said Gran Turismo 5 but I think it's worth more then 60 bucks. I'll pay $100 for it.

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