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Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires User Review

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Well, "What do you want to hear?" is the best question I can ask anyone when I begin to talk about this game. If you want a basic Dynasty Warriors experience, this game delivers, and it's exactly what you'd expect. Whether that's a good or a bad thing is entirely subjective, and you'll either find yourself having a moderate amount of fun or extremely bored after a relatively short period of time.

The graphics for this title are pretty good, for a PS2 title. Unfortunately, this isn't the PS2. Actually, they're pretty lackluster. The small variety of battle fields aren't all that colorful and the armies that appear on the map must have been born from one very unfortunate centuplet bearing woman (cent- for 100!) since they all seem to be identical relatives wearing the same hand-me-downs. Could they even perform Cesarean sections back then?

The special effects of battle are almost unnoticeable, water apparently does not refract light, and wind blows only certain things around and in different directions. However, I did appreciate the variety of eastern outfits you may customize your hero with.

Gameplay is pretty much your basic button masher. In battle, you have a slight variety of commands to issue to your ally's, who's success is entirely based on morale. You can also ride a horse and employ weak, strong, and special attacks. The biggest flaw for me is that in a short time you will learn how to exploit the game's incredible predictability (a really dumb AI) and you may be able to win any battle despite your character's level and abilities. In fact, often, to take over a particular base, you just need to figure out what to beat up to take it over, and magically all enemies will run away and ally's will appear out of thin air in their place.

Outside of battle, you can act as a ruler or single warrior loyal to another warrior. There are different storylines to choose from, but I didn't really notice a difference between any of them. Customization is at a minimum here, and the whole point of anything is to just plunk you into battle to hack and slash (or repeatedly hit jump and triangle) your way to victory. I just really wish there was some real strategy and not just programming exploitation. There is no challenge to this game, really. However, if you want an easy platinum trophy, this is title a safe bet! There are a couple of out of the ordinary events that will interest you, but soon you'll realize they are super repetitive.

Basically... this is a board game. Nothing really changes about most board games from one play to the next. If you feel like buying properties and rolling die, you play monopoly. If you feel like selecting places on a map and hacking at people via button mashing, you play Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.

Sound has not changed really at all from this title. Part of the reason is because many songs are literally from a formal DW title. Before each battle you can select the song you want to listen to during the load screen, and some songs are actually entitled as being from a former DW title. Some fans may welcome this, but I got sick of it very quickly. Sometimes I couldn't even tell the difference from one song to the next.

By the way, the English voice acting sucks. I started off by joining one ruler's army, and immediately disbanded and tried to overthrow him so that I would never have to listen to his bad voice acting again. In terms of your own customizable character, you at least get to choose the voice you have, but I bet all of us would probably choose the same one or two voices... unless you find it fun to have a stupid voice. I ended up just making myself a girl to at least make it bearable.

Control is easy enough to use, but there's no variety. There are preset animations depending on the order you input button commands. You have no control over whether or not they spin, thrust, slash, uppercut, etc. All you get to do is block, dodge, and mash a button or two. You can't even decide whether or not to dash. If you run, it will automatically start running after a couple seconds. But you can't decide for yourself. Again, the controls are super easy to grasp, but you don't really have a lot of freedom. At least not the freedom we should expect at this point in gaming history.

The replay value is sort of stagnant. It's the exact same experience over and over. This game in and of itself just contributes to the replay value of past titles. I mean, really, when is this series going to improve upon itself?

What I'd really like to see is another Dynasty Tactics title.

Basically, this is a title that merely delivers what it always delivers. It's not bad, necessarily, but it's not really worth your time. And it definitely doesn't compete with... well... many... many... other PS3 titles.

A mediocre experience that won't keep you coming back for more.

I mean, really. It reminds you of that neighborhood kid you know who loves to make webpages, but is either not creative enough to branch from his one design template or does all his work on Dreamweaver. All you get is the Dragon Warrior template, with some teenager with potential but no training filling in the blanks for us. We get a working title, but they don't really add anything we haven't already received.

It's no different than my sister's raspberry pie, actually. It's got one delicious element: the raspberries. But the dough she uses for it's structure is rather bland, without moisture, and heavy enough that you don't want too much of it. It's not original, and truth be told... she probably makes it from a pillsbury tube. Anyone can recognize it's a raspberry pie, and it looks pretty good at first glance. But there's no element that will keep you loyal to her pies. I mean, it's not bad, but you really need some whipped cream to help it go down.

Sure this title has the delicious Chinese culture element, but it's structure is just squeezed out of the Dynasty Warrior tube. It looks like a new title, and looks pretty fun at first glance, but there's no new element that makes it a more covetous title from any other PS3 title. I mean, it's not bad, just nothing special.

If only Dynasty Warrior had some whipped cream...

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User review by Underdog15

6/2/2010 2:43:05 PM

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Legacy Comment System (3 posts)

Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 3:18:32 PM

omg... 3rd last full paragraph I said Dragon Warrior by accident. >.<

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Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 2:58:23 AM

XD Don't worry...
You are right about it... I am a fan of th series but I absolutely hated both Dynasty warriors 6 and empires...

They changed the combo system to the Renbu which had no combinations what so ever... So you just had to mash square and only one hard attack with triangle which couldn't really be combined with any other part of the combos...

I was really disappointed... The graphics are bad too... Even the new Samurai Warriors 3 for the wii has better graphics...

The point is that the mindless button mashing was fun but in this title it was just plain ass boring...
I don't really think you liked the other installments on the series did you?

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Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 9:14:54 AM

I wouldn't say I'm a loyal fan of the series, but I have enjoyed past titles. I started playing some of the PS2 games. I REALLY loved Dynasty Warriors Tactics 2, and played that for a good long while.

I'm a real sucker for a good story, so I did enjoy some of the PS2 DW's.

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