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Worms - DLC User Review

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When I was a kid, around 6 or 7 years old or so, the chain-smoking lady across the street told me a fun fact about how if you chop a worm in half, both halves will wiggle around and remain alive for a bit.

Now, as you can imagine, a six year old me (a typical boy who loves dirt and the outdoors), I thought that sounded awfully cool. The next time I saw a worm, what do you suppose I did? I took my mom's gardening dagger and -chop-, sliced the sucker in half. (Don't hate, PETA, I was six!) To my immense delight, the squirmy critter did exactly as the chain-smoking lady said it would do. It was pretty sweet.

A couple years later when I was around 8 or 9 years old or so, I got my first gaming taste of Team 17's Worms franchise shortly after the first title was released. In fact, Worms Armageddon, although not my first Worms title, was later my first online multiplayer experience. I fell in love with the cute little guys and their angry little catch-phrases. Some people would think this experience would make me stop chopping up wormies.

Although by the time I was 8 I was done chopping worms every time I saw one, my passion for chopping worms evolved thanks to Team 17. I was now collecting 3-4 worms at a time, using rocks as bazookas, grenades, and airstrikes, and when I anticipated their health points had run out, I would blow them up with fire and caps from my cap-gun. I used long grass twist-tied together to make the gravestone.

At that time, my parents had my video game time limited to a half hour a day. If they knew how dangerous and inhumane I was when not playing video games, video gaming might have been the only thing I'd have been allowed to do besides sports!

Needless to say, Worms has a place in my heart and my younger memory, so downloading this game from the PSN was a no-brainer for me. Especially since it was one of the only games my father would play with me.

The graphics are pretty much as I remembered them. The landscape is your typical side-scrolling map. The edges are a little cleaner, and it moves much more smoothly than I remember. The graphics aren't exactly high-tech, but that isn't really accommodating to the appeal, anyways. It's still charming to have your critters battling it out on fruit, flags, pencils, and everything else proportionate to the size of a worm. I would like to see the characters names and numbers a little bigger, but in the end, it serves it's purpose, there aren't really any complaints, and it's pretty much what you would expect. It's just nothing special, from a graphical point of view.

The gameplay is as fun as anyone can remember. As it was in the past, it is turn-based action. Each worm gets a turn with a set amount of time to traverse the landscape, select a weapon, and deal it's wrath. Worms continue to battle until all enemy worms are eliminated. So it's pretty straight-forward. Some of the 20 missions in the single-player campaign have ulterior goals, but for the most part, all you really need to do is kill wormies.

There is minimal customization. You may create your own team, but the amount of customization is incredibly small in comparison to past Worms games. In this title, all you can choose is your team name, worm names, gravestone, and voice type. I know past titles even give you the option of selecting a special weapon, a flag, and other details. The amount of weapons available is much smaller than other titles, as well.

Still though, the game is super fun, especially with a friend in multiplayer. You can participate online versus other players if you wish, as well. Did I mention there are trophies available? A nice addition for the trophy hunter.

The voices in this game complete the experience, in my opinion. When creating your own team, you may select your own voice type. There are lots to choose from, and most of them are just downright hilarious. Right now my team has employed the Old Geezer voice type. Nothing as funny as my little wormy in his high pitched, shaky grandpa voice proclaiming "I feel like a teenager again" when he does well, or "I need my pill!" when he gets hurt. There are so many more voice types, ie. Android, Soul man, Dutch, etc., and all are charming and comical.

I find the sound effects and music volume a little disproportionate. To be honest, I haven't checked to see if this is adjustable, but the music often drowns out the voices and overpowers some sound effects. The effects are otherwise good and appropriate, but since the music isn't really very good, it's a shame that it overpowers the best parts of the sound quality. Finally, despite how awesome the voices are, they are often muffled as if the speakers can't take the volume. It's like the worms are talking too close to the mic or something. I have a good quality sound system, so I assure you it wasn't my speakers.

Control of the worms is a little more pleasant. The physics in this game are more realistic, and it feels a lot more predictable to the touch. In the past super sheep were hard to steer, ninja ropes could be exploited to your advantage or disadvantage, and the way things blew up were always in perfect geometrical circles. Now things are easier to control, it makes physical sense, and explosions feel more natural.

On the negative side of control is the camera. You can zoom out or in depending on your choice of action, which is a nice quality, but if you need to move the camera around, it can be so frustrating. Sometimes it automatically goes back to your worm when you don't want it to, and other times it automatically goes to a random spot that makes no sense. I often find myself frustrated by an inconsistent and unpredictable camera. This was a huge and only downer to control.

Replay value completely depends on how well you enjoy this type of game. If you like just plopping down for a battle, it has a tremendous amount of replay value. There are tens of thousands of randomly generated battle maps. If you find one you really like, write down the numerical code for the map and enter it in the next time you want to play it again.

If you're more into the single player campaign, it won't be too long before you've defeated every mission. After that, you simply play on for a higher rank, if you like. However, for a downloaded content game from PSN, you get your money's worth.

Worms brings back the traditional Team 17 charm we've known and loved for so long. Worms 3D was a bit of a flop, which, to me, proves the classic side scrolling experience is what fans of the franchise enjoy (Nudge nudge - go back to what fans want - Nudge nudge). If you played the game in the past and liked it, I suggest you pick this one up for old times sake. It's a fun and charming game for people of all ages, and it has a friendly multiplayer mode for up to four teams. Even if you don't have four controllers, that's fine, as you can pass one controller around for each team, if you wish.

I've given up chopping worms God of War style a long time ago. At one point, I thought I had grown up past destroying the lives of worm-kind, but I've since learned that killing worms will always have a certain charm for me. Perhaps it's the sociopath child within me that loves this game so much, or maybe it's just straight-up nostalgia. Either way, I'll always love this franchise. I'm not sure how a game like this can move forward into the newer generation of video game systems, but DLC like this certainly keeps my dream alive.

I'll be honest with all of you, however. It's not really that incredible of an advancement of the series on this game. Actually, it's a step backwards. If you want a true experience, find a copy of Worms Armageddon (released on PS1 and PC) and give that a whirl. But if you've got cash to burn, download this copy, as it is definitely a unique and original experience.

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User review by Underdog15

6/7/2010 11:44:48 AM

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Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 4:15:48 PM

Great review but I thought this game was lacking in the controls as well as the physics. As big of a fan as I was of their previous games I couldn't play this game at all. Hopefully they work out the kinks better on future iterations of the series. Also I must say I'm definitely gonna read your other reviews tis was a great read.

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Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 8:54:47 AM

The physics engine is actually much more mature, but that takes away from the usual feel. For instance, the ninja rope is far more realistic in this game, but that takes alot away from the tricks and stunts you could pull off in previous titles. So, while it's more refined, it's hard to really conclude it's any sort of improvement. I found it much easier to be intricate with aiming through use of the left analog joystick. Really, for me, the only thing difficult to control or manipulate was the camera. But yeah, you're right. Other Worms titles were far more enjoyable and complete (and seem to score 8's and 9's in the what seems to be distant past).

Last edited by Underdog15 on 6/11/2010 8:56:01 AM

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