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Trine User Review

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Trine is a game about a Thief, a wizard, and a knight. Circumstances lead each of them to the same treasure room where they find a three sided treasure. Upon touching the treasure they become stuck. Once all three touch the treasure, there a flash of light and all of a sudden they are all sharing the same body. (Don't ask questions, just keep going.) Their journey now becomes a quest to discover why they are stuck like this, and how they can fix it.

First of all, go watch a trailer for this game. I recommend the following one:

This game is very artfully done. It's a 2D side scroller, but it's the only one that I've ever played where I wanted to stop and look at the scenery. How many other 2D games can you think of where you wanted to do that? Go ahead, think about it. I'll wait.


Did you think of any? If you did, let me know, because I couldn't think of any.

There is multiplayer co-op in this game as well as single player. Let's start with the multiplayer.

At any point in your single player journey, someone can pick up a second controler, press start, and chose a character that is not already selected. Due to the nature of this game, the maximum number of players is three. (Three players playing as each of the three characters seems to solve the body sharing issue and destroy the character's motivations to progress the plot, but nevermind that.)

Do you remember in the trailer when the players were all working together to get past different obstacles? That is how it is supposed to work. In theory, each character has its own abilities, and you must use them all to progress. This creates a nice teamwork aspect, and also a nice puzzle aspect. (ie, "How in the world do we get the knight across that gap?")

In practice, my friend that was playing the wizard was terrible, and would die, leaving the thief and the warrior to try and continue without him. Well, the warrior has no way of getting past certain obstacles without copious amounts of wizard created boxes and platforms. (At least we couldn't get past it. Maybe your level of awesomeness exceeds my own.) The thief can't really help the warrior get past it, so our only option was to back track to the nearest check point and revive the wizard. In some levels that's a long way back, and when we continued on, the wizard would die again before we got to the part we were stuck on.

Frustration ensued.

However, assuming you have friends that don't suck at life, the multiplayer is pretty interesting.

The single player works much better. You can switch between the three characters at will, so you can always chose the best character to get past any areas. (Assuming, of course, you didn't get anyone killed along the way. If you do, just go to the nearest checkpoint to revive them.)

You'll be switching characters a lot in this game.

I love the music in this game. I don't know why. Sometimes I'll just load up the title screen so that I can listen to that main song. Voice acting and sound effects are also pretty good.

The game works like it should for the most part. Creating boxes with the wizard was clearly designed with a computer's mouse in mind, but it's not that bad using a controller. There were also times when I wanted the thief to grapple certain things, but the grapple would become disconnected. However, these issues are minor.

Jumping and fighting are all very easy, and the thief's grapple and bow/arrow quickly made her my favorite character. (The knight is second, once you upgrade and get the ability to kick enemies and send them flying across the screen.)

Replay Value:
One of my favorite aspects in games is searching for hidden things and exploring secret locations. This game does a great job of that. At any time in your journey you can go back and replay any previous level if you want to try and find all of the secrets. (Some are so cleverly hidden that I only found them by looking up a video walkthrough.)

Then, if you're into trophies like me, there is some extra incentive there to play through the story twice. Play the first time to unlock the hardest difficulty and again on the hardest difficulty. I played through the story twice, found all the secrets, got the platinum trophy, and all in all probably spent a bit over 20 hours on this game. I like my games to give me an hour of enjoyment for each dollar I spend, and I definitely got my money's worth out of this game.

Bottom line:
I remember when I first saw the trailer. I thought, "Hey, that looks okay." Then Uncharted 2 came out and I forgot all about it. Then a lull came and I found myself with a week or two to kill before the next game I wanted was going to come out. I bought this game, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much better than okay.

The summer lull is coming up, so if you're looking for a game to play and the trailer looked okay to you, I recommend Trine.

PS, I love that 2D side scrollers still have a place in today's gaming society.

Rating Scale:
10 - Go out and buy the system that this is on, just so you can play this game.
9 - If you own this system, then you must also own this game.
8 - If you're a fan of the series or genre, then this is a great game.
7 - This is a pretty good game, but it feels like it could be better.
6 - Game is worth a rental, but not worth a purchase.
5 - Game is worth borrowing, but not worth spending any money on.
4 - Don't play this game.
3 - Leave the room if you see this game being played
2 - Instead of leaving the room, turn around and beat up the person playing this game.
1 - Also beat up everyone else in the room that had the option to beat up the person playing the game, but chose not to. Then destroy the game.
0 - Also actively seek out and destroy all copies of this game, beating up everyone even remotely associated with playing, selling, or thinking about the game.

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User review by nogoat23

6/28/2010 4:27:49 PM

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Monday, July 19, 2010 @ 4:26:04 PM

"How many other 2D games can you think of where you wanted to do that? Go ahead, think about it. I'll wait."

Besides LittleBigPlanet? Others worth mentioning might be Bionic Commando: Rearmed, and the Soldner-X games. But, yes, I see what you mean. 2D side-scrollers pretty much went the way of the dodo bird after the ps1 generation. So to see a 2d game now, redressed with next-gen graphics is a bit of a rarity.

By the way, funny but meaningful rating system. Uncannily similar to mine, but I had rating of 5 obliging avoidance of not only the game, but future projects from said developer. And even lower score of 4 requiring avoidance of said publisher, and customer, before all the armed protest and extermination business.

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