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Demon's Souls User Review

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October 6, 2009

So I've been playing alot of games recently and think I may have, like many others found a pure gem of a game which i'm quite surprised no one has yet done a user review for.

The game in question is of course Demon Souls. Now you may be asking why someone may want to do a user review on a game thats nearly a year old. Well that would be a fair question and because I live in the UK the answer is simple. Its only just arrived on these shores.

So with that in mind if your reading this you maybe asking "why do i want to read another review". That too is a simple enough question to answer, the game is simply brilliant and more gamers out there need to know from a gamers perspective just how brilliant this game really is.

So whats Demon souls all about?, well the premise for the story is actually pretty simple and more importantly accessible. The Northern Land of Boletaria has been swept over with a mysterious fog and all communication and life has ceased coming in or out of the area. Many hero's have traveled to unravel the mystery but no have returned. So with this in mind you yourself decide to go and find out what the mystery is all about.

I'll stop there with setting the scene because it's something that no matter how much you describe the start of the game the terror when you first get there is something that really has to be experienced. Which kind of sums demon souls up quite nicely. Its an interesting experience that requires some thinking, risk reward and some down right balls if your going to get the best of it.

Many reviews have mention the difficulty which may or may not turn people off the game and thats a shame really because the game really isnt as difficult as you might think. Its more brutal than difficult. It challenges you to think, to be aware of your surroundings to solve puzzle elements that are not slap bang in your face.

Sure you will die alot, you may even kick the chair but the reward and satisfaction of figuring something after you have died a 100+ times is what really makes this game enjoyable.

I do urge people though if your trying this game out for the first time be patient with it. The patience will reward you in the long term with a very tight control scheme and combat mechanic. The story will slowly draw you in and make you want to discover the mysterys ahead. The items and weapons systems will reward you with awesome weapons should you want to grind areas for the materials and in some cases will actually sucker you into being a sadomasichist as it forces you to play through the game multiple times while slowly amping the difficulty.
And thats where the Demon Souls package really excels itself. The game has replayability in abundance. For example on your first play through you may find a simple approach to say, dealing with a boss. However on your NG+ even with your exsisting equiment etc the boss becomes somewhat hard. So the approach you took the first time was simple but now you have to rethink that approach as the Boss will now cease to be a push over.

So hopefully the above has given you insight into the story arc and the gameplay mechanic which is something that FROM SOFTWARE have really nailed with this title but there are other important factors when deciding wether or not to purchase this game.

Graphic's wise this game is not exactly competing with GOW3 or Uncharted 2 for that matter but to be honest,it's not trying to. The layouts ands areas you travel around are varied have a certain gothic charm to them with out trying to dazzle you. There are some nice set pieces involving dragons with only the occasional framerate slow down. But its not enough to deter you from the "holy S*** thats huge, lets kill it" feeling.

It is also worth mentioning the online component which is actually one of the this reasons i've had a keen interest in game since it's debut last year in japan. First of all theres co-op for up to four people who you can summon into your game wether it be random strangers or friends who are close by to your summoning message. There is however no voice chat but its all the better for not including it as it means instead of trash talking peoples mums and tea bagging each other it means you are forced to concentrate on the job in hand and work together as a team.
There is also a competetive element to the online multiplayer to. If you need a certain item, material etc but theres no available in your world. Storm into someone elses game kill them and take it.aying
Playing multilayer on Demons souls is really a truly unique experience and there are many other features i could go on about all day like the messaging system etc but its just one of those things you have to take the plunge and try.

So hopefully i've wet your appetites and given you some idea of Demon Soul unique experience and for me that the point i'm trying to make. When you think of role playing game you get immersed in the story regardless of the combat, graphics etc but very few RPG's can claim to be an all round entertaining fun package that does every element to a high standard.
So step forward Demon Souls, by far the best RPG game this generation. Good graphics (check),great game play(check), re-playability (check), uniqueness (check), fun online functions and multi-player (check).

So if your still reading this far, why haven't you gone and bought this game yet it's by far one of the best RPG's this gen and certainly up there with the top exclusives such as GOW3 and Uncharted 2.
If you happen to get the black phantom edition, it is worth mentioning that it comes with a soundtrack CD, art book, strategy guide for no extra cost.

So if my first ever review has not sold you on it, check out the package next time you walk into a game shop as you may find the reward of buying the game will be well worth risking the money on buying it.

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User review by dante_zero

7/26/2010 12:59:32 AM

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010 @ 9:14:16 PM

Good review. Thanks for that!

I'm 30 hours into Demon's Souls as well since it was released in Australia at the same time as the UK.

It's a gem. It sucks you in and gives you a real good kicking but every step of the way is an enjoyable adventure.

It took me 5 hours to beat the first boss in 1-1 and when you do that the sense of achievement is massive.

The feeling you get creeping around a level for the first time, tentatively poking and prodding into corners getting flailed alive by every trap and ambush is unbelievable.

The community out there for Demon's Souls tells you that this is a special game. I was speaking to a guy in the JB-HiFi store and he said that the game just keeps selling out.

The wiki and stategy guides definately help alot with your first playthrough. They don't spoil things as sometimes 5 hours hard slog to get to a boss can be over in a matter of seconds! Just an aide for the battle weary...

Demon's Souls for me sits up there with the best of the PS3 exclusives. A total crime that Sony didn't realise it's full potential earlier and promote it better.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 8:15:02 PM

Excellent review, Dante-zero, and I concur with Gordo's comment as well. It is unfortunate that Demon's Souls didn't get the publicity it deserves, but despite that, it is still catching on, and I hope Atlus recognizes that, extends the server support, and seriously considers making a sequel. There is so much to this game, and admittedly, I had to play through other more high-profile games to finally settle down to enjoy what is to be found in this hidden treasure. It's been out for close to a year here in the US, and only now am I discovering it. Better later than never.

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Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 6:01:52 AM

thanks i'm glad you have liked the review. it's something i want to get into in the future and it's nice to know someone liked it.

I think as for the future of Demon Souls i doubt we will see a direct sequel and probably more of a spiritual sucessor. I'm glad demon souls is a success for FROM SOFTWARE as was 3D dot heroes (which ive yet to play) but it's encouraging that they are taking alot of risk with new IP's and not making there IP's simular to other games but really thinking outside of the box and making unique experiences. I just hope that Sony can see this and purchase FROM SOFTWARE and bring then into the Sony first party developer as at the moment Sony is all about innovation and I couldnt imagine a more suitable developer to match that vision.

Last edited by dante_zero on 7/30/2010 6:02:41 AM

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Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 5:52:46 PM

Nice review dante_zero. This is one of these games that I don't have but will definitely be picking up once I've finished the games I've got. User reviews for this game are varied but I do like reading them because it gives me a very good idea of what to expect. You've made the game sound unique and that intrigues me.

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