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Lumines: Electronic Symphony

It's one of the most entertaining puzzlers for the Vita, and it comes highly recommended. 



A Perfect Storm (Bronze) Use a Chain Block to connect at least 25 blocks.
A True Pioneer (Bronze) Clear 10 Skins in Voyage Mode.
Avatar Addicts (Bronze) Use Avatar Abilities 200 times.
Black Belt (Silver) Unlock Master Zone 5.
Journey's End (Silver) Clear all Skins in Voyage Mode.
Lucky 5 (Bronze) Create 5 Squares with 1 Shuffle Block.
New Recruit (Bronze) Get a total score of 50,000.
Prodigy (Bronze) Achieve a BONUSx3.
Thank You (Bronze) Watch through the entire Credits sequence.
The DJ Is In The House (Bronze) Create, save and then clear 12 Playlists.
Time Stands Still (Silver) Erase 30 Squares in Stopwatch Mode – 30 Seconds.
True Believer (Bronze) Play for over 3 hours within 24 hours.
Winner Takes It All (Gold) Unlock all Skins and all Avatars.