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MotorStorm RC Cheats

Here's how to unlock all the secret cars, and there's also the complete Trophy list. Good luck!

Secret Cars


Beelzebuggy Boom Spend 2 hours in the Playground
Dunk Make your car into basketball hoop 10 times
Headcase Make your car into basketball hoop 20 times
Lunar-Tec Martian Beat 10 Pitwall challenges
Nord Gnitro Make 20 goals on the soccer field
Patriot Touchdown Make 10 goals in the soccer field
Thunder Lizard Spend 1 hour in the Playground


Apocalypse Champion (Gold) Achieve a time of 10:00 or less in Apocalypse
Arctic Edge Champion (Gold) Achieve a time of 12:00 or less in Arctic Edge
As Good as New (Silver) Finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a Festival Race event without colliding into a competitor ot barrier.
Custom Collection (Bronze) Customize each of the 8 vehicle classes within your RC Collection
Eye of the Storm (Silver) Earn 96 medals within the Festival
Ghost Busted (Bronze) Beat a friends ghost in a Race or Time Attack who currently sites above you in the leaderboards
Let it Slide (Silver) Bank a single drift score of 2000 or more
Lunatics Unite (Platinum) Unlock all Trophies
Monument Valley Champion (Gold) Achieve a time of 10:00 or less in Monument Valley
Pacific Rift Champion (Gold) Achieve a time of 10:00 or less in Pacific Rift
Playful (Silver) Played with all 8 vehicles within the playground in one visit
Playground Bully (Bronze) Unlock all 4 areas of the playground
Rare Reward (Silver) Unlocked 2 of the secret vehicles.
RC Champion (Gold) Achieve a time of 40:00 or less in the RC festival
Re-Scaling New Heights (Gold) Earn all 3 medals on each of the Festivals 64 events
Round the Clock (Bronze) Earn 24 medals within the Festival
Seasoned Racer (Bronze) Earn 48 medeals within the Festival
Silver Standard (Silver) Earn a minimum of 2 medals across all of the 64 Festival Events
Storm Chaser (Bronze) Complete a Festival event in each of the 4 MotorStorm locations
Supercharged (Silver) Unlock the Supercar
Swish (Bronze) Successfully leapt through the two red basketball hoops within the playground in one session.
The Triple (Bronze) Win all 3 medals on any Festival event
Wall Brawl (Silver) Use the Pitwall to beat 10 of your friends times
Wiped Out (Gold) Beat a time of 17 seconds on the event 'Wipe Out'

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